Furniture Movers – An Overview

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Do you need help moving your furniture? If so, there are many different options and some important considerations to take into account before choosing a moving service. Read on for more information on the major factors that may be influencing your decision.

What Is a Furniture Mover?

A furniture mover is an individual or company that offers professional moving services in order to transport household goods – including any items of furniture which have been pre-packaged in anticipation of relocation.

Furniture moving services are especially useful for individuals and families who are moving locally – within the same city or state. These local moves generally involve a single storage company or a van line, whereas long distance moves may use a large trucking company instead of forklift trucks.

Different Types of Services

Before choosing your mover, you should consider the type of furniture movers that is right for your needs. Generally, these will fall into two distinct categories: professional movers and local movers.

Professional Moving Companies

Professional moving companies are the largest group in the moving industry, most often operating as part of a trucking company or van line. These companies tend to be very large, with long list of satisfied customers. They’ve built their reputation on using advanced technology and by offering affordable rates for local and long distance moves.  Most professional movers can also offer alternative services like security storage and delivery services.

Local Moving Companies

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Local moving companies are smaller in comparison to professional moving companies. These firms are typically run by one person who offers both residential and commercial services. In general they use smaller vans with less experience and fewer resources than their larger counterparts. However, many local movers are extremely reliable and trustworthy, and can offer specialized services that may be better suited to your needs.

How Can They Move Furniture?

With just a few simple tools and a basic knowledge of the “how to” of moving, many professional movers are able to move furniture by themselves. A furniture mover may use specialized equipment designed for furniture transport, or “specialized boxes” which can be pre-packed for your larger items. Some companies also allow you to hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you – sometimes referred to as “freight moves”.

Author: Saif Fuentes