Different Breeds of Wagyu

Wagyu means “Japanese Cow.” The species is widely sought to owe to its persistently elevated performance and quality. To validate the integrity of Japanese Wagyu Steak, ancestry is meticulously tracked and recorded beginning with birth. All Japanese Wagyu Steak is assigned a different ID number. It allows anybody to track the cattle’s history. The Japanese National Animal Breeding Center Website can be used to verify information about the livestock, such as their time of birth, species, bloodline, or type. The NLBC offers this service to safeguard consumers and companies from fraudulent providers. The Wagyu beef image has been created over thousands of years of painstaking c0075ltivation, and strong safeguards have been implemented to ensure its integrity. Good quality meat can be bought from wagyuwetrust.

In Japan, there are four major breeds of Wagyu: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Surveyed.


Earlier in 1867, Japanese Buddhist practitioners abstained from consuming meat. A tight prohibition on the consumption of meat was imposed. During the period, Japan’s native livestock breeds were used for labor in farms or mines. Following the lifting of the restriction, attempts were made to boost the muscle of native cattle through cross-mating with foreign breeds. The four Japanese native cow breeds known as Wagyu did not become indigenous until 1957.

wagyuwetrustBLACK JAPANESE

The Japanese Black is unquestionably the most famous cattle in Japan, responsible for even more than a 90percent of the nation’s Wagyu Beef. Japanese Black is primarily produced for meat intake and is distinguished by its marbled and soft, tender feel. Japanese Black includes the well-known Miyazakigyu, Tajimagyu, and Matsuzakagyu.


The Japanese Brown is also referred to as “Akaushi.” Labor during the Meiji era, they were mostly utilized as labor cattle. Japanese Brown cattle are slimmer and have less fat than Japanese Black cattle. They have gained popularity in recent years due to their decreased body fat and gentler flavor.


The Japanese Shorthorn is just one of Japan’s slimmer Wagyu varieties. Tohoku is where the bulk of the livestock is produced. They limit the intake of grains and rely primarily on grazing. The genetic characteristics of Shorthorn cattle favor lean, delicious red meat.

Author: Saif Fuentes