Customer Service At Central Hudson Electric

The PSC protects the public interest by reviewing and regulating the cost of public utilities that should be borne by the ratepayers. The mission of the commission is to make sure the company has enough resources to operate a secure, reliable and efficient system while mitigating the impact of these costs on consumers to the greatest extent that it is feasible.

Central Hudson is a major energy provider in New York. It supplies natural gas and electricity to businesses and homes via a network of electric lines and pipelines. It also offers a variety of customer service programs.

The utility provides an online platform to pay bills. It accepts electronic check payments as well as electronic funds transfers through your bank account or credit union. It also accepts debit and credit cards.

Sign to receive paperless billing and receive a monthly email reminder of your bill. The e-mail will include a link to an online bill that allows the user to view their current and previous bills. The e-mail also includes a list of important dates including deadlines for payment and late fees.

central hudson offers several payment plans in addition to bill-by-email and online options. These include Budget Billing, a program that allows customers to pay their bills in a uniform manner throughout the year, and prevent seasonal fluctuations in electricity prices. Budget Billing customers’ balances are checked every six months, and their payment amounts are adjusted according to changes in usage and prices.

Time-of-Use rates are another program that is offered to small or residential customers who use a meter to charge electric vehicles. The rates are designed to encourage the use of alternative energy in the region by decreasing peak and off-peak electric rates during the most critical times for EV charging. Customers who choose this option will be provided with an initial bill protection plan that compares their annual electric charges against what they would be paying if they stayed at normal rates for the entire period. If the annual electric bills are lower, a refund will be issued.

Customers can also enroll in an optional program that helps them manage their electric and gas usage. The program offers participants free usage monitoring and information and helps them cut their consumption during peak periods by making better choices regarding when and how they use their energy.

All residential and small-business customers of Central Hudson who are enrolled in an approved Energy Service Company can take advantage of the program. Customers can find their Customer Number on their bill section called “Details. The number is used to confirm registration with an ESCO and to change the payment methods stored in their online Central Hudson account. Customers who have not yet enrolled with an ESCO may do so by clicking on the “Sign in” link that is located on the Central Hudson account home page. Once they have a customer number, they can go to the “Manage saved payment options” page and select the payment method they prefer to use.

Author: Saif Fuentes