Legal procedures to follow before selling your house

Most home sellers fantasize about a pressure sale wherein they advertise their home, find a reasonable price immediately, receive the money, and give over the keys. If only it were that easy! In truth, selling a house involves many moving components, some of which you have control over and others which you don’t. When there’s a lot of competition and little inventory, you’ll probably sell faster and for a higher price. Here are the legal procedures to follow before you sell your house

Previous sale deeds

All of the estate’s prior owners’ initial sale documents are required. This strategy tracks a property’s title chain. The owner needs all agreements to comply with the law.

Sanctioned plan

Documents of the regional municipal council’s approved construction design and occupancy certificate are other essential papers.

Encumbrance Certificate

To get a substantial market price, a bidder should ensure that the asset he intends to sell has a sound and presentable title.

Sale agreement

After all of the documentation is arranged, the sides can write an agreement and write out the terms and conditions. Both sides decide on these conditions and conclude. The parties then form a deed using this contract to trade as the blueprint.

From the moment you contact a buyer until the time you complete the sale, you must practice extreme care until you obtain the best deal possible. You can now sell your house at These services purchase your homes with an impressively quick response at reasonable rates!

Author: Saif Fuentes