Tips for selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring

Certain events in life are very special that needs to be cherished for a lifetime and getting engaged or proposing to your love is on such event which is the precursor to the most special event of one’s life which is wedding. Many of us have it all figured out and there is no denying the fact that you want to get settled and have a family of your own someday. And you even prepare for the same by planning in advance on the kind of proposal, the budget of your ring, etc.

Whether you come up with a well planned proposal or an impromptu one, engagement ring singapore   makes the occasion all the more memorable. You do not have to be a jewelry expert for picking up the perfect diamond ring, but with certain basic knowledge you can step into the jewelry store and confidently pick up the perfect ring to woo your lady.

What makes the diamond engagement ring perfect? Tips for choosing the special ring

Diamonds come in various shapes and you have to decide on the shape based on your lady’s style and personality. if she prefers edgy fashion then the perfect shape for her personality would be a square cut diamond. If she is a romantic kind of a person then she will definitely appreciate a cushion cut diamond. Diamonds come in other shapes as well like oval, round brilliant, oval, specialty cut, emerald, etc, choose your pick which will only enhance the perfection of your engagement ring.

Make sure to examine the diamond in various lighting environment like natural sunlight, dim lights, tube lights, etc. The diamond must retain its sparkly nature under all kinds of light and when it fails to sparkle then the perfection is lost.

Quality cut that makes the diamond engagement ring valuable

You have definitely heard about the 4Cs when it comes to diamonds which include Clarity, Cut, Carat weight and Color. But more important than the 4C’s is the quality cut that enhances the value of the diamond irrespective of the shape. For instance the value of a perfectly cut one carat diamond is a lot more than a poorly cut 2 carat diamond. Thus, you need to emphasize on the quality cut to pick up the perfect diamond engagement ring.

And now that you know what makes the ring a perfect one you can pick up the right kind of ring that best describes your lady and your love.

Author: Saif Fuentes