Beginner’s Guide to Onsen Spa – Rules and Etiquette

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A long time ago, the people in Japan discovered special waters that came from the earth. They were hot and sometimes had minerals that made people feel good and healthy. These special places were called “onsen.”

What is an Onsen?

Onsen means “hot spring.” It is a place where hot water comes from the ground. Some towns in Japan have many onsens. So, they have “onsen” in their name, like Yufuin Onsen and Hakone Onsen. These towns are famous for letting people enjoy the warm waters.

Kinds of Onsen

People can enjoy onsen in different ways:

  • Rotenburo: This onsen is outside. People can look at nature while they relax in the water.
  • Kashikiriburo: This onsen is inside and private. Only you or your group can use it.
  • Ashiyu: This onsen is just for your feet.
  • Konyoku: This onsen is for both men and women together.

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Understanding the Onsen

When people go to an onsen, they follow particular steps and rules. First, they have to find the right entrance. Usually, there are different baths for men and women. They are marked with colors and symbols: red and the symbol 女 for women, and blue and the symbol 男 for men.

Inside, there is a room where people take off their clothes. This room has lockers, mirrors, and sometimes things like lotions.

Using the Onsen in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Enter: Choose a suitable bath for men or women.
  2. Undress: Put clothes in a locker or basket.
  3. Wash: Before going in the water, wash well with soap at the showers.
  4. Bathe: Slowly go into the hot water. Be careful because it can be very hot!
  5. Relax: Enjoy the warm water, but only for a short time. 20 or 30 minutes.
  6. Exit and Dress: After bathing, dry off well before putting your clothes back on.

Then, sometimes, there is a place to relax, drink something, and rest.

Onsen Rules

People must be careful to follow the rules in the onsen:

  • Do not put towels or hair in the water.
  • Do not use phones or cameras.
  • No swimming or splashing.
  • No drinking alcohol.
  • Always wash before bathing.
  • Be quiet and peaceful.
  • Usually, do not wear swimsuits.

Bottom Line

Onsens are a special part of Japan’s culture. They are places where people can relax, feel good, and also learn about traditional Japanese ways. Even in a Japanese spa Singapore, the beauty and calm of the onsen experience can be found. This helps people from all over the world learn about and enjoy Japanese traditions and practices.

Author: Saif Fuentes