Proguard exteriors: external wall insulation that beautifies your walls along with energy efficiency


for the person a house is like heaven on earth, it is the place that every one of us feels as the most comfortable and relaxing in the whole world. our sweet home, where we finally reach after all the hustle of the day. Always try to add more facilities to our house making it much more comfortable and personalized. is a way that both enhances the look of our house and insulates it reducing the temperature fluctuation of the house up to two to three degrees Celsius from normal temperature outside.

Progaard exterior is a specialist in the installation of external wall insulation. in this process, our insulation layer is fixed on the wall along with a protected second layer of weatherproof finish that protects your house from the damage caused by weather changes and minimizes thermal bridging in the gaps. using this technique, you can increase the life span of your building and protect the building fabric again weathering and damage from extremes of weather. it provides comfortable temperatures throughout all weather conditions within the building which means providing you with cooler summers and warmer winters. this technique ensures that the heat generated within the central heating system remains within the building and also prevents the outside air to enter the building. thus reducing the external weather impact inside the building, ensuring that the walls do not absorb the heat radiated by the sun. it helps to reduce our electricity bill by cutting down electricity consumption. Due to the use of less gas and electric heating throughout the year, the carbon footprint of the building automatically reduces helping the environment.

Proguard exteriors have experience of more than 15 years in the installation of external wall installations and providing full services off external home renovation services. it has been honored with certification and awards for its excellent work in this field. it provides fully insured services all across the UK Anne provides booking for their services at 0% VAT.

Author: Saif Fuentes