Why Buy When They Can Rent For Their Next Event?

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If they’re looking to rent a tent for their event, then look no more and contact Brooks and Reid rental services. They are sure that https://rentals-brooksandreidevents.com/Store/ assistance and goods will make their client’s event the most elegant and lovely occasion of their life.

Rental tents

From pop tents to 3200 square feet white top tents, they have every size that can accommodate ten people to 400 people. They always make their guests feel comfortable and cozy, no matter how big the event is.

Rental tables

They provide all kinds of tables according to the size required by the client. Cocktail tables serve best for casual drinks and beverages. Round tables lend a pleasing flow to any space and are a social choice for any occasion. Of course, this does not imply that rectangular tables should be avoided. Both have their uses and are attractive.

Rental seatings

The seatings include plastic chairs, white resin cushioned chairs, and wooden benches with eight seats. Resin folding chairs could be the best option for events held outside. Since their seats are cushioned, they look more elegant than typical folding chairs.


They provide polyester, spandex, silk, and velvet material for the linens. Whether they want a golden silk tablecloth, velvet green tablecloth, sage green seating sash, navy blue cute chair bows, green velvet napkins, or navy blue tablecloth, https://rentals-brooksandreidevents.com/Store/ are at their service to provide them with their needs. Additionally, they provide chair covers that come in many color choices.

Lightings and extras 

Their services include uplights ideal for stage ambient lighting, curtain effects, and soothing wall lighting. The event’s extras include a propane space heater, a dance floor suitable for indoors and outdoors, a dustbin with two bags, and plastic gold chargers.


Package deals are best if they don’t want to rent different things separately; instead, they can check out their package deals differentiated based on the number of guests they are expecting. They offer package deals for up to 150 guests, including all the items mentioned above.

They are a privately owned rental company that strives to give their clients the event of their dreams! Additionally, they are the top provider of rental tables, seating, linens, and lighting in the neighborhood. In a nutshell, they are the whole package anyone needs.

Author: Saif Fuentes